Friday, January 29, 2010

Someone help me in my quest, PLEASE!!

Just found out that my oldest brother
and his wife
are going on a cruise to celebrate their 1 year anniversary
at the end of august to this place:
They figured that since we all got married around the same time
that they would love it if we would go with them.
So they've extended an invitation for us to join them,
which of course I'm all over.
I think a cruise with the four of us
would be like the

thing ever.

Now all I have to do
is convince


  1. Tell Kyle I'm totally behind you, Hailey! KYLE...just book the cruise, my friend. Just do it. You might be very sad when you see how sad your wife will be when your sis-in-law comes and shows Hailey all of the pictures of the fun things they did...and the delicious food they ate...and the sweet sites they got to see!! She might be really sad. And I know you don't want that. Just do it.

    Hope it helped, Hailey... :) Keep the schmooz on!

  2. So jealous! Totally studied that in my Meso Art class!!! I hope you can go and take awesome pictures for me!