Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wouldn't it be nice?

Just saw this movie....


Now I wish that things like this really existed and that I could be one of the cool people that got to be involved.

Mostly because I have the type of imagination that would lead me to beleive that this kind of thing is actually possible.
But seriously??? How could you watch something like this movie and NOT want to think that there are sweet places like this...

And I wish that I could fly on those big...bird...things, and that the ground would glow when I walked on it, and that trees would glow...

I feel like such a little kid watching movies like this.

I wish I was an AVATAR, and that Pandora really existed.
Hurry up science..


  1. Remember when the Narnia trailers first came out in theaters, and then subsequently on television, and how I would cry each time I saw them? Yeah. I feel ya, little sis.