Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to know you're tired

i've come up with a guide on how to know when you're tired.

1. it takes 10 min to remember why you started to write a blog
2. you unknowingly steal a cup from a mexican restaurant. it's not your fault you forgot you were holding it
3. you're husband can't understand anything that is coming out of your mouth.
4. you make up a new dance move on the way home that is both stupid and embarassing.
5. you hurt yourself doing the new dance move.
6. you remember that you had a lot of clever things to say about how to know you're tired, but unfortunately you only remember 5 of them.

i've also come up with a guide on how NOT to get tired

1. don't do lunges for 400m
2. don't run hills after doing lunges
3. don't try to outrun 6 year old girls in soccer practice in order to help your self esteem after doing lunges and running hills.
4. don't jog to your car after "outrunning" 6 year olds, doing lunges, and running hills.



  1. ha.
    hahahaha oh man i can only imagine the dance!

  2. ps- i feel proud to be one of the 3 single people on your friend list.