Thursday, May 21, 2009

And so it begins...

I heard it through the grapevine that starting a blog is pretty much a must when it comes to this family... And since I happen to be a member of this family, I guess that means I need to start a blog. Unfortunately, I have Z-E-R-O knowledge of blogging. So if I'm doing it wrong, you're just going to have to deal with it. And if you happen to be scrutinizing the lack of creativity in the layout of this, cut me some slack. I'll get better, either that, or my darling husband will have to take over (oh dear...not used to saying that).

Either way, this first post, is ALL mine.

And I have NO idea what to say. So... I'm just going to... um... hmm. I guess I could start with just telling you the latest in our lives...

-We're Newlyweds
-Kyle bought a TV - a 42" flat screen "Vizio"...we got it for $580.00. YAY!! They normally go for $800 or so... It's a pretty sweet deal actually.
-We bought couches
-And slip covers
-I bought this really old, REALLY ugly wood looking coffee table thing that I'm going to fix up
(I'm actually kind of really excited about that... I like fixing things...I like projects)
-We're Newlyweds (our new night life is WAY better! ha - I might get in trouble for saying that)
-I got the flu on our honeymoon
-And got sick again last week
-Kyle's sick now
-This girl at work just told me I looked pregnant because I'm getting a little "pudgy"..that was sweet of her
- I'm NOT pregnant
-I painted my toe nails hot pink this morning, and of course because I'm a ditz, I dropped the nail polish in the tub and now our tub is pink :) (Kyle doesn't know about that yet...I'm kind of hoping he won't notice...
- We're Newlyweds
- I've decided to dye my hair...again..and put pink in it...
- I'm serious about the above information

I don't really know what else to tell you...This family talks a lot so I'm sure the majority of you already know like everything that's even remotely interesting. So I'm just going to put up some of my favorite wedding pictures :) I'm addicted to looking at them, it's really becoming a problem at work.


(Kyle will probably be posting our next post...)

It's so beautiful...I wish I had eaten some..or was allowed too...

VERY funny Brad!! I was TERRIFIED!!


I'm SO proud Kyle didn't shove it in my face! Very un-Hobson like...

Aw :)

I do LOVE this picture!!

ma and dad

very GQ ... oh goodness ... he's good looking :)

I did marry a GORGEOUS man! And I must say, I'm so glad that his family trusted me enough to let me marry their baby brother!!

I'm excited to be a part of this family!!!!!



  1. Seriously, first to comment?! Cute blog. And don't worry... only mom thinks it is a requirement to blog. I just do it because I don't have anything better to do in life. :)

    Kent says you're young and cheesy.

    I think you're cute and I had no idea you got sick on your honeymoon. We're out of the loop and not in the know. You need to call me and tell me things so I can read your blog and say, "I already knew all this stuff."

    I love looking at your wedding photos too, but probably not as much as you. They're great!

  2. It sure is interesting how "Mom" gets blamed for everything...
    I do not REQUIRE anything but it is nice to see and hear about our family through blogging.
    Great job, Hailey. Kyle always told me he would start a blog after he got married and would have something to blog about.
    I didn't know that you got sick on your honeymoon. Sorry about that. You need to note that I did not call either of you ONCE while you were on your honeymoon!!!! There definitely needs to be a time when it is just the two of you.
    I love your very first post - you do great work, Hailey. We love you...

  3. Blogs aren't that bad! And if you treat them like MOST of my brothers' families do, it should be a piece of cake! Just update two or three times a year and call it good! (no offense bros, just had to prep Hailey that we aren't expecting ANYTHING! Just going to enjoy ANY updates!)

    Love the pics and hearing about you two! You really had a perfect wedding day and we were thrilled to have been there to witness it all! Looking forward to seeing you shortly and hoping you newlyweds are lovin' life!!

  4. Blogs suck...and they are a requirement, unless you love to be nagged.

  5. Loved your blog!

    It has been great seeing the two of you so much since the wedding. You two are great to hang out with, hope you always feel welcome with us!

    Good things -- Amy

  6. Great blog Hailey! We're excited to see you soon.

  7. Wow! Where have I been? Even Travis beat me to the blog. I think Travis secretly LOVES blogging he just puts up a good front to look cool! :)
    It was so great to be a part of your wedding day...I seriously think you have the most well documented wedding! You could easily go back through your pictures and practically re-live the day all over again. Very wise to make the pictures a priority! Glad you are part of the family! We love you (and Kyle, too, of course.)

  8. Yeah! I'm so glad you started a blog. I love it! Can't wait to see you soon! Hope life is going well!